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تعليمات فيديو CL-1 、 CL-4 、 CL-5

Model: CL-1

Model: CL-4

Model: CL-5

Battery Changed

Why you need MIZU


Is it for measuring HClO too?

No, HClO can not measure by this product. This product can only measure NaClO (sodium hypochlorite).

Why we need to use MIZU bleach?

Bleach concentration will drop over time with light exposure,so diluted bleach
can not reach the effective concentration, lead to sterilization is not good. Mizu bleach metter can solve this problem.

How long it takes to calibrate?Cost?

The suggested time is one year. This is free unless parts must be replaced. 

Why CL-1 show "err" on LCD?

"err" means the concentration is over 1200 ppm.

Why CL-4 CL-5 show "HI" on LCD?

"HI" means the concentration is over 0.69 %. The meter stop measure unit restart or press button twice.

Any supplies need to be replaced?

No. It is only recommended to replace the CR2032 battery every year.

Can Mizu bleach measure Calcium hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid?

No, only can measure NaOCl.

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